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Domestic consumption

Italian Food & Cheese  >  Domestic consumption

The “CALZETTI” and “SU DI GUSTO” CHEESE CREAMS are immediately ready for use and become essential components for the most delicious recipes.

In the 125g and 150g format they are available in the following flavors:

Parmigiano Reggiano cream
Parmigiano Reggiano cream with porcini mushrooms.
Parmigiano Reggiano cream with truffles
Parmigiano Reggiano cream with white truffle
Cream of Gorgonzola DOP
Pecorino cream
Pecorino cream with truffles
Provolone Val Padana PDO cream
Cream of 5 cheeses
Asiago PDO cream
Taleggio PDO cream
Cream of Greek PDO Feta
Edamer cream
Cheddar cream

Look at our recipes and find your ideal cream.


We are present with our two brands CREME CALZETTI and SU DI GUSTO in the main retail chains in Italy and abroad. SPREADABLE CREAMS are a precious help in the professional kitchens of our HO.RE.CA customers. It is a great opportunity for industries as a ready-to-use ingredient for every type of dish

Domestic consumption

Our cheese creams, without preservatives and made with the best Italian cheeses, are present in many Italian delicatessens and supermarkets.
Do you want more information on how to become a reseller of Calzetti or Su di gusto creams? contact us.


Our cheese creams and our selections are also available for Hotellerie, Restaurants, Bars

Do you want more information on the HORECA formats of Calzetti or Sudigusto creams? and on the selections of D.O.P. Italians contact us.

Private label

We can customize our production of cheese creams according to your needs, up to the creation of a finished product including label and graphics.

Do you want more information on the type of personalization of PDO cheese creams? contact us.

Food industry

A great opportunity for companies in the industrial world, in this regard we have thought of 5000gr formats.

Do you want more information on the opportunities for using Calzetti or Sudigusto creams in the industrial world? contact us.

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